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For A Good Time, Call….

Tonight I went to see an Advanced Screening and Q&A for the new indie film For A Good Time, Call. Sitting in line waiting for this movie and having people ask you what you are seeing is really strange when they ask you for the name of the movie which can seem a little confusing and some people think you’re trying to hit on them which is very funny and odd to begin with. From the preview I thought this was gonna be a complete chick flick but this turned out to be one of the funniest and raunchiest movies I have seen in quite a while and one of the best movies of the year so far. To take two characters who have hated each other from the first moment they met and make them live together and then strangely down the line start a phone sex line that turns out to be highly profitable just seems like a failed story line but it’s done so well and the ad libbing and one liners as well the cameos by Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith just make this movie extremely funny and well worth seeing. Although the actor who stole the show was Justin Long who played a version of the director who had some of the best one liners I have heard in such a long time he just about took over in every scene he was in. So go see this movie and tell your friends to go see this movie as it needs to be seen and heard by all.


There was a Q&A after the movie with Katie Anne Naylon who wrote the movie but was also somewhat of a biography on her life. As well as actress Lauren Miller who co-wrote the movie as well and Ari Graynor who is really funny and been in alot of movies lately. These three ladies gave alot of interesting input which made me want to help them get their movie out even more as it’s absolutely wonderful. And incredibly they shot this movie in 16 days.


The Bourne Legacy

Last week I went to see The Bourne Legacy. It’s kinda hard to continue a franchise after the trilogy comes to somewhat of a close and the lead actor has decided not to come back but this renewed and extended story line for The Bourne Legacy seems to fizzle on the action and try and push another storyline so they can continue the franchise even further. The whole science and programs they now have developed from the original bourne just adds Too Much Information to this franchise and you get a little confused but automatically know where it’s gonna head. Jeremy Renner does a very good job as the new face of the franchise but he is not used properly as his action scenes are short and not as intense as the previous films. As for the whole Too Much Information and background relating the story line it can make the movie seem boring but interesting at the same time. If you liked the other Bourne movies or even just like Jeremy Renner than go see this movie and enjoy it. I have heard the next movie will have both Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner so hopefully that makes this story even more interesting and provide even more action and the famous chase scenes.

Expendables 2

Last week I went to see Expendables 2. Take all the best action stars of the last 30 years and jam them into one movie and what do you get? Well for one thing you don’t get any acting but you do get one hell of an action movie with a passable story line to boot. Of course you make the Belgian Jean-Claude Van Damme and make him the bad guy and have him take all the good guys who are from America and the
UK. The action and fights scenes are over the top with every sort of gun and martial arts technique  possibly used. Even the Great Chuck Norris made an appearance in this movie which was epic and very well done even if for a short period of time. This is a straight up money grab for the studios and just 100 minutes of pure fun and makes you forget about everything else which is what a movie is supposed to do. Go see this and just sit back relax and enjoy.

The Campaign

Tonight I went to see  The Campaign. Usually when going to see any movie that stars Will Ferrell or Zack Galifianakis I go in with low expectations and end up leaving with a smile on my face. But this movie is one of the best comedies I have ever seen starting either of them. The only way I can describe this film is Fucktardedly Awesome with a side of stupid pardon my language. The whole thing from the one liners, scenes, and ad libs makes this a very unexpectedly funny movie that will leave just about everyone laughing their asses off and wanting to see it again. The cast alone is wickedly funny and they all do an awesome job with Dylan McDermott being the completely hilarious and steals a few scenes. This is Will Ferrells best comedy since Step Brothers and Zack brings back what made him great in The Hangover. Everyone needs to go see this movie and I guarantee that you will laugh your ass off but leave the kids at home. Two solid thumbs up to go along with an aching belly from laughing so much.

Total Recall

Last night I went to see the remake of Total Recall. It’s been 22 years since the original cult classic came so this movie had alot to live up to. This reinvisioned concept is awesomely entertaining but not as hardcore and bloody as the original but I guess to reach a wider audience they had to make it PG-13. Although there is no alien or Mars connection in this remake it’s still an interesting story with a big tunnel through the earth built between Australia which is now “The Colony” and England which is now basically America. The action is awesome and there are a few wicked fight scenes that involve Farrell/Biel and Beckinsale but Farrell just plain kicks ass in this movie as does the whole cast with an excellent choice with Bryan Cranston as the evil Cohaagen. There are alot of Easter Eggs in this film that gives homage to the original which is a good thing and also helps this movie along. The only thing I don’t like about this movie are the insane amount of Lens Flares. I thought I was watching a JJ Abrams movie or an episode of LOST and Lens Flares need to be used cautiously. Take everyone to go see this movie as it’s an excellent remake that everyone including the kids will enjoy.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

I went to a screening of The Odd Life of Timothy Green the other day. I will watch an occasional Disney movie every now and then and all of them are very well done but can be a little over-dramatic and a bit cheesy and this movie was a little bit of both. Set in a small town that is known as the Pencil Capital of the world and we have a couple who both work in the pencil business and have been trying desperately the whole time they have been married to have a kid but end up with something completely different and have a strange but extremely wonderful experience. They do a good job at mixing the realism and fantasy but it seems a bit corny and maybe a little rushed with the fast adult and childhood experiences that are shown to each in the film. The cast is well chosen and very funny with CJ Adams stealing all the good parts and Joel Edgarton doing something completely different than his usual role and did an awesome job. Jennifer Garner seems extremely over dramatic in this role and becomes a little bit of an annoyance in this film. I think both children and adults will like this Disney Flick as it teaches some valuable life lessons. Give it a shot and go see it. Could be a good date flick or a family day at the movies.

Ruby Sparks

Tonight I went to a screening and a Q&A of the movie Ruby Sparks. Have you ever wanted to create that perfect someone out of thin air and see what would happen sort of in the realm of Weird Science well this movie just does that. I wouldn’t call Ruby Sparks an updated version of Weird Science but has that feeling but it’s so much more. When a writer decides to write about this “perfect” girl in his dreams and she actually comes to life and eventually things are gonna change on it’s own and this writer doesn’t want that to happen. The story is awesome and it’s fun to watch it progress and you know eventually things will fall apart as he tries desperately to fix it. The cast is just right as Zoe Kazan who also wrote the movie is actually dating Paul Dano who plays the writer Calvin in real life so it sort of mirrors them. I was really surprised and absolutely loved this movie and I think everyone should go see this. 4 thumbs up.

The Q&A with the two directors and writer/actor Zoe Kazan made me love this movie even more and just hearing them talk about their love of this film and what it took to make it.