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The Odd Life of Timothy Green

August 3, 2012

I went to a screening of The Odd Life of Timothy Green the other day. I will watch an occasional Disney movie every now and then and all of them are very well done but can be a little over-dramatic and a bit cheesy and this movie was a little bit of both. Set in a small town that is known as the Pencil Capital of the world and we have a couple who both work in the pencil business and have been trying desperately the whole time they have been married to have a kid but end up with something completely different and have a strange but extremely wonderful experience. They do a good job at mixing the realism and fantasy but it seems a bit corny and maybe a little rushed with the fast adult and childhood experiences that are shown to each in the film. The cast is well chosen and very funny with CJ Adams stealing all the good parts and Joel Edgarton doing something completely different than his usual role and did an awesome job. Jennifer Garner seems extremely over dramatic in this role and becomes a little bit of an annoyance in this film. I think both children and adults will like this Disney Flick as it teaches some valuable life lessons. Give it a shot and go see it. Could be a good date flick or a family day at the movies.


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