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The Watch

July 25, 2012

Tonight I went to see a free screening of The Watch. I don’t remember seeing someone make a movie that had the right combo of Sci-fi/Alien and Comedy and actually make it work until this movie. The combo of Stiller, Hill, Vaughn, and Ayoade is awesome and none of them overpower the other but all of them are funny as hell together. The story is actually a good one and you get thrown at times but it’s good because it keeps you guessing and into the movie with alot of great one liners and extremely funny scenes. The aliens and special effects are awesome and fit very well with the comedy aspect as this type of combo hasn’t really been done on a scale with this big of a budget. Overall this is a great summer comedy that is funny as hell and I highly suggest you and all your friends go see this as it will get your mind off life for just under 2 hours. Alot of people will call it stupid funny but it’s stupid funny for a reason and that reason is to take you away from life for a little bit.


On a side note this movie was delayed and re-titled because of the tragic Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida and it being a touchy subject because of the Neighborhood Watch connection. I don’t know if they recut the movie at all but if they didn’t I am really glad because this movie is awesome as is.


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