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The Queen of Versailles

July 25, 2012

Monday I went to a free screening of this documentary. Have you ever wanted to dangle a big juicy rat infront of an extremely large snake but then end up throwing in a small dead baby rat and the snake ends up just being even hungrier. That’s what it was like watching this documentary to see someone in the higher end of the 1% who’s wife and family spend money like its going out of style have to cut back because they have lost a couple hundred million. Truthfully it’s more of a mockumentary because all this movie does is show the extreme stupidity and hilarity of these people who have no idea what it’s like to be normal and live on a normal wage. Just watching someone go from having everything and being waited on hand and foot to still having alot and only having a few people waiting on them hand and foot was worth the watch because they acted like they were living in the poor house when they still have alot of money. If you want a laugh and enjoy a good story line of richest to rich than go watch this movie.


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