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Ruby Sparks

July 26, 2012

Tonight I went to a screening and a Q&A of the movie Ruby Sparks. Have you ever wanted to create that perfect someone out of thin air and see what would happen sort of in the realm of Weird Science well this movie just does that. I wouldn’t call Ruby Sparks an updated version of Weird Science but has that feeling but it’s so much more. When a writer decides to write about this “perfect” girl in his dreams and she actually comes to life and eventually things are gonna change on it’s own and this writer doesn’t want that to happen. The story is awesome and it’s fun to watch it progress and you know eventually things will fall apart as he tries desperately to fix it. The cast is just right as Zoe Kazan who also wrote the movie is actually dating Paul Dano who plays the writer Calvin in real life so it sort of mirrors them. I was really surprised and absolutely loved this movie and I think everyone should go see this. 4 thumbs up.

The Q&A with the two directors and writer/actor Zoe Kazan made me love this movie even more and just hearing them talk about their love of this film and what it took to make it.


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