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The Watch

Tonight I went to see a free screening of The Watch. I don’t remember seeing someone make a movie that had the right combo of Sci-fi/Alien and Comedy and actually make it work until this movie. The combo of Stiller, Hill, Vaughn, and Ayoade is awesome and none of them overpower the other but all of them are funny as hell together. The story is actually a good one and you get thrown at times but it’s good because it keeps you guessing and into the movie with alot of great one liners and extremely funny scenes. The aliens and special effects are awesome and fit very well with the comedy aspect as this type of combo hasn’t really been done on a scale with this big of a budget. Overall this is a great summer comedy that is funny as hell and I highly suggest you and all your friends go see this as it will get your mind off life for just under 2 hours. Alot of people will call it stupid funny but it’s stupid funny for a reason and that reason is to take you away from life for a little bit.


On a side note this movie was delayed and re-titled because of the tragic Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida and it being a touchy subject because of the Neighborhood Watch connection. I don’t know if they recut the movie at all but if they didn’t I am really glad because this movie is awesome as is.


The Queen of Versailles

Monday I went to a free screening of this documentary. Have you ever wanted to dangle a big juicy rat infront of an extremely large snake but then end up throwing in a small dead baby rat and the snake ends up just being even hungrier. That’s what it was like watching this documentary to see someone in the higher end of the 1% who’s wife and family spend money like its going out of style have to cut back because they have lost a couple hundred million. Truthfully it’s more of a mockumentary because all this movie does is show the extreme stupidity and hilarity of these people who have no idea what it’s like to be normal and live on a normal wage. Just watching someone go from having everything and being waited on hand and foot to still having alot and only having a few people waiting on them hand and foot was worth the watch because they acted like they were living in the poor house when they still have alot of money. If you want a laugh and enjoy a good story line of richest to rich than go watch this movie.

The Dark Knight Rises

I went to a free screening of The Dark Knight Rises on Wednesday night. Christopher Nolan has done an amazing job with the this new Batman trilogy and his writing and storyline get better and better with every movie he does. Batman has always been a hardcore and dark story and this movie is true to that but this isn’t fully a Batman movie as it seems to go off the wheels of a comic-book type movie and becomes an inceptionlike movie with so many storylines it makes it confusing to what this movie actually is but overall this is still an amazing movie. I really wish Nolan would have just finished this Trilogy with a basic Batman story but he went over the top which isn’t a bad thing but I understand why alot of people didn’t like this movie as just strays too far. Christian Bale still does an amazing job as Bruce Wayne/Batman along with Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon and the new addition of Joesph Gordon-Levitt but Anne Hathaway as Catwomen just doesn’t work out and she just comes off as a stuck-up brat. As for Bane who as always been a favorite character and villain of myn fits well into this story line and Tom Hardy does an amazing job.  No matter what you hear and read about this movie I think everyone should go see this as it’s still an amazing movie even though it’s not truly a batman movie.

Solomon Kane

Another film during Comic-con I was able to see was Solomon Kane which was actually made and released overseas over 3 years ago but is finally get a US release date. Solomon Kane is a good Game of Thrones esqe type movie but made before Game of Thrones came out. Jame Purefoy has always been good with medieval action movies he is very good in this movie has a once power driven and homicidal conqueror who took refuge in the church after being chased by evil but after being rescued by a family that took him in he unleashes his rage upon the evil to save a girl. The movie itself is ok but the action is the only thing holding it up as it doesn’t seem edited or written very well as it jumps from scene to scene with no transition. If you like old school action than go see this but otherwise just wait for it to get out on DVD or Netflix.

Dredd 3D

During Comic-Con I went to go see an Advanced screening of the remake of Judge Dredd re-titled Dredd 3D. I loved the original Judge Dredd and really didn’t think Karl Urban could live up to the classic Sylvester Stallone and his one liners. I am glad to say that this version of Dredd is completely awesome. Dredd 3D is pure anger and homicidal action that fits the storyline extremely well with this odd mix of cast members. The storyline is taken from the comic books and actually fits well onto the big screen although there is alot of comparisons to the korean movie The Raid: Redemption as I can see the resemblance between the two films this was an original story line and I believe the director/producer of the The Raid admitted that and knew Dredd 3d isn’t a copycat. Karl Urban does an amazing job and takes Stallones one liners to the next level as well as his controlled calmness with a hint of that homicidal rage beneath the surface and with Olivia Thirlby as his trainee sidekick who learns along with way to adapt and learn some of that rage to go along with her abilities and finally the very good job Lean Headly did as ma-ma and the gang leader. The violence of this movie may not be for everyone but I do believe if you do go see this you will enjoy it as its just something to watch and get away from the real world for awhile.


I went to go see Savages last night. I have always loved Oliver Stone movies but not since Any Given Sunday has he done anything worthwhile but it seems he is starting to get his grove back with Savages. Savages is a wickedly sophisticated drug story with a love story twist that has just about everything you can ask for. Although the story itself is a little lacking but the cast completely makes up for it with Benicio Del Toro absolutely stealing the show with his awesome portrayal as a cartel hitman and I would say this is his best performance since Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. And alot of people have put Taylor Kitsch into somewhat of a bubble since his role in John Carter but he is very good and entertaining in his role as the tough guy so you have to give him a chance. It is a little slow and maybe confusing at times but it’s worth the watch for the action, the crazy twists, and torture scenes.  I would say this movie isn’t for everyone and you really gotta be a fan of Oliver Stone to truly appreciate it but if you’re looking for something different than maybe go give this one a chance and be entertained.

The Amazing Spider-Man

I went to a screening of the new Amazing Spider-Man tonight. I love comic books and comic-book movies. I don’t care how horrible to movie is or supposed to be I will sit down and watch it. The original Spider-Man Trilogy was good but Tobey Maguire could have made it better but he just seemed to Emo and pathetic to fill the roll and become the Peter Parker from the comic-books who was an angry teenager who knew he could do some good. Andrew Garfield is truly Peter Parker and fills that role as that angry teenager who has been given this ultimate power that he knows he can do some good with but throws it around in a careless manner until challenged. The connection between Garfield and Emma Stone is remarkable as they have a great connection and helps push the storyline. The storyline as a whole is the best that could be done when actually following a characters incarnation from the actual comic-book which they do very tastefully all the way down to Parker creating his own webslingers. To go along with this story they have a wonderful cast who helps keep the movie going with Denis Leary being the edge that is much needed as was JK Simmons in the Spider-Man movies before. I absolutely loved this movie and highly recommend it and I think everyone should go see this movie even if you’re not a fan of comics or Tobey Maguires performance in the other Spider-Man movies. Finally they have done Spider-Man the right way and hopefully they can keep this new franchise going.