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For A Good Time, Call….

August 28, 2012

Tonight I went to see an Advanced Screening and Q&A for the new indie film For A Good Time, Call. Sitting in line waiting for this movie and having people ask you what you are seeing is really strange when they ask you for the name of the movie which can seem a little confusing and some people think you’re trying to hit on them which is very funny and odd to begin with. From the preview I thought this was gonna be a complete chick flick but this turned out to be one of the funniest and raunchiest movies I have seen in quite a while and one of the best movies of the year so far. To take two characters who have hated each other from the first moment they met and make them live together and then strangely down the line start a phone sex line that turns out to be highly profitable just seems like a failed story line but it’s done so well and the ad libbing and one liners as well the cameos by Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith just make this movie extremely funny and well worth seeing. Although the actor who stole the show was Justin Long who played a version of the director who had some of the best one liners I have heard in such a long time he just about took over in every scene he was in. So go see this movie and tell your friends to go see this movie as it needs to be seen and heard by all.


There was a Q&A after the movie with Katie Anne Naylon who wrote the movie but was also somewhat of a biography on her life. As well as actress Lauren Miller who co-wrote the movie as well and Ari Graynor who is really funny and been in alot of movies lately. These three ladies gave alot of interesting input which made me want to help them get their movie out even more as it’s absolutely wonderful. And incredibly they shot this movie in 16 days.


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