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Dredd 3D

July 20, 2012

During Comic-Con I went to go see an Advanced screening of the remake of Judge Dredd re-titled Dredd 3D. I loved the original Judge Dredd and really didn’t think Karl Urban could live up to the classic Sylvester Stallone and his one liners. I am glad to say that this version of Dredd is completely awesome. Dredd 3D is pure anger and homicidal action that fits the storyline extremely well with this odd mix of cast members. The storyline is taken from the comic books and actually fits well onto the big screen although there is alot of comparisons to the korean movie The Raid: Redemption as I can see the resemblance between the two films this was an original story line and I believe the director/producer of the The Raid admitted that and knew Dredd 3d isn’t a copycat. Karl Urban does an amazing job and takes Stallones one liners to the next level as well as his controlled calmness with a hint of that homicidal rage beneath the surface and with Olivia Thirlby as his trainee sidekick who learns along with way to adapt and learn some of that rage to go along with her abilities and finally the very good job Lean Headly did as ma-ma and the gang leader. The violence of this movie may not be for everyone but I do believe if you do go see this you will enjoy it as its just something to watch and get away from the real world for awhile.


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