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July 9, 2012

I went to go see Savages last night. I have always loved Oliver Stone movies but not since Any Given Sunday has he done anything worthwhile but it seems he is starting to get his grove back with Savages. Savages is a wickedly sophisticated drug story with a love story twist that has just about everything you can ask for. Although the story itself is a little lacking but the cast completely makes up for it with Benicio Del Toro absolutely stealing the show with his awesome portrayal as a cartel hitman and I would say this is his best performance since Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. And alot of people have put Taylor Kitsch into somewhat of a bubble since his role in John Carter but he is very good and entertaining in his role as the tough guy so you have to give him a chance. It is a little slow and maybe confusing at times but it’s worth the watch for the action, the crazy twists, and torture scenes.  I would say this movie isn’t for everyone and you really gotta be a fan of Oliver Stone to truly appreciate it but if you’re looking for something different than maybe go give this one a chance and be entertained.


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