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The Amazing Spider-Man

July 3, 2012

I went to a screening of the new Amazing Spider-Man tonight. I love comic books and comic-book movies. I don’t care how horrible to movie is or supposed to be I will sit down and watch it. The original Spider-Man Trilogy was good but Tobey Maguire could have made it better but he just seemed to Emo and pathetic to fill the roll and become the Peter Parker from the comic-books who was an angry teenager who knew he could do some good. Andrew Garfield is truly Peter Parker and fills that role as that angry teenager who has been given this ultimate power that he knows he can do some good with but throws it around in a careless manner until challenged. The connection between Garfield and Emma Stone is remarkable as they have a great connection and helps push the storyline. The storyline as a whole is the best that could be done when actually following a characters incarnation from the actual comic-book which they do very tastefully all the way down to Parker creating his own webslingers. To go along with this story they have a wonderful cast who helps keep the movie going with Denis Leary being the edge that is much needed as was JK Simmons in the Spider-Man movies before. I absolutely loved this movie and highly recommend it and I think everyone should go see this movie even if you’re not a fan of comics or Tobey Maguires performance in the other Spider-Man movies. Finally they have done Spider-Man the right way and hopefully they can keep this new franchise going.


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  1. Helen permalink

    I’m gonna go watch it now!

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