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June 22, 2012

On Wednesday Night I was able to attend a screening of Brave. It seems Pixar just gets better and better with every movie they release as Brave is an awesome movie geared toward both Adults and Children as it gives a bit of humor for both. Just closing my eyes and hearing all the Scottish accents it makes me think of Monty Python which I always love watching. The story and movie are short and sweet and immediately get right to the point so it can hold any child’s attention for the whole movie and satisfy any adult who loves cartoons. The cast makes the movie and all the voices used contribute so much and make the movie enjoyable with Kelly Macdonald as Merida leading the way and doing a wonderful job. The story is like taking a cartoon version of Braveheart and mixing it with Monty Python and you having something wonderful and extremely entertaining. I think everyone should go see this movie although if you want to avoid the kiddies than go see a later screening as young kids might be a bit of a distraction during the movie with their talking if you are a single adult. But if you do take your kids to this movie there are a few scary bits to the movie which is why it’s rated PG so depending on your child they might get scared for a minute or two. But overall I highly recommend this movie for everyone.


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