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Lola Versus

June 19, 2012

I went to this forgettable movie last week. I am guessing hollywood has completely run out of ideas because they basically took the shitty and hard parts of someones life and made them into a movie. Everyone will have experienced what Lola goes through in this movie but it’s just slow and out of pace. The cast is good and there are amusing parts but couldn’t get into the movie. I wouldn’t even call this a chick flick so I am gonna refer to it as a Life Flick. Inbetween the moments are dread and crappyness there are moments of senility and finding ones self. I don’t recommend this movie but if you wanna see you life being lived by someone else than go see it and realize how boring your life really is. Skip it. Hell I even forgot about the movie after seeing it and didn’t review it until today because I went and saw another movie. And I forgot the name.


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