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June 11, 2012

I went to go see Prometheus yesterday. Since the last of the alien franchise everyone has been asking Ridley Scott for another one and he delivered with something completely different yet familiar. Although this did get alot of bad reviews I think this is just radically different because this story could go either way. You see the beginning of the original alien franchise but you also see where it can go how that story can develop. You have a Ridley type female¬†character who is extremely strong and smart in her own right but it also do something different than ridley did in hopefully what is a continuation of this movie. The story is very different from the original script that was written but I believe it was done so it could seperate itself and not only be considered a prequel. The cast brings alot of similarities to the original 3 alien movies which helps the movie along while Micheal Fassbender does an amazing job playing one of the first generations of android with absolutely no emotion and somewhat of a contempt for his human counterparts. The hardcore alien fans will trash this movie but will end up seeing it anyway but I think everyone once seeing it will realize that it can sit on it’s own. So go see this movie and you will get the same feeling you did the first time you saw aliens.


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