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June 7, 2012

Tonight I went to see an Advanced Screening of Ted. I love anything Seth MacFarlane does and he always makes it funny and enjoyable and end up with a good laugh at the end of it and Ted does exactly that. To me Ted is sort of like a live action version of Family Guy as you get those random one liners, awkward moments, and the poking fun of random religions races and colors. The story and concept would have been very corny and stupid if it wasn’t brought to life by Seth Macfarlane who is able to keep a Teddy Bear coming to life mixed with alot of humor, raunchiness, and adult life complications. The whole cast of this movie makes it just that much better from the main cast to Giovanni Ribisi as the most creepy guy who have ever seen and the cameos which will surprise just about everyone and I hope you are a fan of Flash Gordon because you will get a treat. Everyone will get something from this movie as it’s just the perfect amount of humor for everyone and is long enough to keep everyone satisfied and not too bored. You will love this movie and suggest that everyone go see this although leave your kids at home.


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