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Rock Of Ages

June 7, 2012

Last night I went to see a screening of Rock Of Ages. I am gonna start off by saying I have never enjoyed a musical or play in my entire life. So that being said I actually sort of enjoyed Rock of Ages even though it isn’t exactly my type of movie. I would have to call Rock of Ages an 80’s rock dromedy musical as it’s basically poking fun of all the major rock ballads of the 80’s but also includes and makes fun of the typical 80’s characters would have have seen in the rock scene on the strip in LA during that time period. When it’s not being a musical it switches back and forth from a comedy with some great one liners from Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand to a cheesy drama love story about some small town imports who are trying to make it big but end up falling in love. The good thing about this movie is that everyone in the cast except for Alec Baldwin can actually sing including Tom Cruise who in my opinion does a hell of a job in this role. This movie isn’t for everyone so don’t go expecting to be entertained unless you absolutely love musicals or are a big fan of the big hair ballads of the 80’s. That being said I would still give this movie two thumbs up but again be warned you must love movie with alot of singing if you go see this.


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