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Safety Not Guaranteed

June 5, 2012

Tonight I went to a screening of Safety Not Guaranteed. This is a quirky dark dramedy type movie starring an unexpected cast who do a very impressive job. The story of two awkward interns who are picked to join a magazine reporter who finds an classified ad that requests someone who wants to time travel. The premise itself is kind of awkward and that’s how the movie begins with sort of a funny awkward feeling with some random one liners and then the story progresses and comes together as if there is a dark secret with all the characters and they are all trying to solve their own problems by helping each other. The cast is not well known but up and comer Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Recreation does an amazing job but she always seems to mange to get the role of that sarcastic loner who is a bit of a bitch. This isn’t a very long movie and it plays out very well with the storyline moving along at a somewhat fast pace but you can understand it and I think everyone will enjoy it especially if you enjoy Scott Pilgrim Vs The World,  Youth in Revolt, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, and Funny People. I say give it a chance and go see it.


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