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For Greater Glory

May 23, 2012

Tonight I went to see For Greater Glory. I really had no expectations from the trailer and really had no idea about the Cristeros War that took place in Mexico during the late 1920’s. I don’t really do well with movies that have a religious implication as I am not a religious person but this movie tells the true story of what happened when the mexican government cracked down on their own peoples freedom one of which was their religious freedom. You get a very mexican western type feel from this movie which helps hold this movie as it does get a little slow and drag on at times but in truth that was story and history being told and I can’t blame anyone for not wanting to give an accurate portrayal of an important time in a countries history. The cast was awesome as I loved Andy Garcia and Oscar Isaac as they both did an awesome job portraying their characters but I was a little surprised at the choice of Eva Longoria as Andy Garcias wife in the movie as she can barely act her way out of a paper bag and didn’t add anything to the movie in my opinion. If you like historical or westerns than go see this movie otherwise you might get bored as it’s over 2 hours long.


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