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May 16, 2012

I went to see a screening of Battleship last night. If you like big summer action blockbusters than this movie is right up your ally. The story might be soft but it’s completely forgotten about with the aliens, explosions,  and the awesome action. Hasbo decided to sell off the movie rights to its board games which seems a little odd because you have no idea how board games would translate into a movie. Honestly I didn’t need a story for this movie as it was very fast paced for a long action movie and very fun to watch as the CGI is wicked and the aliens seem very humanoid and very realistic. The cast does a good job and I would go see any movie with Liam Neeson as he is just a badass although Rihanna can’t act her way out of a paper bag and is just there for her draw power which somehow she has. As for the soft story line it does come up with some good points as to how they attracted the Aliens in the first place and the resemblance to the board game near the end of the movie. But honestly you won’t care about the story because of all the explosions and action as it’s just really good action movie to go see this summer with a group of people. I highly recommend this movie.


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