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What to expect when you’re expecting.

May 14, 2012

Tonight I went to a screening of What to Expect when You’re Expecting. I think it’s very hard to turn a guide book with short stories into a movie that everyone will understand and follow. From the beginning they tried to hard to make it funny in a way like Bridesmaids and then inject some really serious moments which made it a bit slow and hard to follow as they went with multiple story-lines with multiple couples. The best part about this movie was showing the different types of pregnancies and what can happen and even going the way of adoption and also trying to show the perspective of the father to be and the guidance he receives from other fathers. The cast is somewhat over the top but the only one that was used to his skill set was Chris Rock as the father of 4 children and he has some great one-liners and one insane little boy. I wouldn’t consider this a chick flick and I wouldn’t even put this in the realm of a date movie but if you want a laugh about the awkwardness of being pregnant or if you liked reading the book then go see this movie but otherwise you can skip it as it is a little long drags on alot.


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