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The Dictator

May 11, 2012

Tonight I went to see The Dictator. I love Sasha Baron Cohen and all his characters and antics. He always takes it to where nobody else wants to go and thats what makes him funny with his willingness to go completely over the top such as Bruno, Borat, and Ali G. The Dictator completely makes fun of both sides of the spectrum on how Americans view north africans, arabs, and the middle east and how they view america. The one liners he comes out with in this film towards stereotypes are just outrageously funny and out of the blue as well as a couple of scenes you don’t expect that will make you keep laughing throughout the whole film. I also loved the soundtrack of this film as they take Rap songs and Sasha himself or some arab guys sing the song instead and hearing that during some of the best scenes makes this movie just ridiculously stupid and funny. I would call this movie Stupid Funny like most of his other roles and films but give it a chance and it will make you laugh and keep on laughing throughout and after the movie. I’m glad I picked this movie over going to see Battleship tonight because I am still laughing and have a permanent smile on my face. It’s only 84 minutes long and drags on a little bit and alot of people will hate it but if you want a good laugh go see this movie.


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