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Dark Shadows

May 8, 2012

I went to see Dark Shadows yesterday. I have watched maybe one or two episodes of the original TV Dark Shadows so I don’t know a whole lot about the series so I didn’t go in comparing the Movie to the TV show. The combo of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp usually makes any movie awesome but Dark Shadows was awesome in a different way because of the Cast selection. Everyone in the cast brought something to the movie and that helped this movie overcome a very poorly written story line. I don’t know if you can totally blame Tim Burton for that but he made up for that with the selection of the cast because they made this movie very entertaining. It seems to me that trying to convert a TV series from the 60’s/70’s is alot harder and very hit and miss and if it wasn’t for the cast or Tim Burton directing this would have been a very big miss. You might be disappointed if you are a Tim Burton fan but you will be entertained because of the cast who bring up a shitty story line so I say go see this movie as it’s really fun to watch and very entertaining.


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