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A Little Bit of Heaven

April 27, 2012

I don’t normally cry at movies but A Little Bit of Heaven brought me back to helping my mom with her battle with cancel which unfortunately she lost 6 years ago. I did some research and this movie was delayed for over a year and I am amazed because this movie is amazing. I am guessing the delay was in because of it’s similarities to the movie 50/50 as it was supposed to come out around the same time and 50/50 had a really big push behind it. The theme of Cancer is really the only link these two have because A Little Bit of Heaven is a whole other prespective on the battle with Cancer. Kate Hudson’s character is a women who works hard and plays even harder and thinks love will just get in the way of life and work. It’s a great dynamic they show not only the battles of the person dealing with Cancer but also how her friends and family deal with it and with the addition of her finding love makes this into a heart wrenching drama that will leave you speechless and in need of some tissues. The whole cast does an amazing job filling their roles and holding their emotions while adding alot of humor to it as well and a wonderful cameo by Peter Dinklage that gives this movie a nice punch and gives you a laugh in between the cries.  If you have ever had to deal with Cancer in anyway with someone special in your life than I suggest you go see this movie as it will bring back your good memories and help you remember your loved ones and even if you have never known anyone with Cancer go see it as it is an amazingly wonderful story.


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