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Girl in Progress

April 24, 2012

Last night I went to a screening of Girl in Progress. I went into this movie with little to no expectations other than it looked funny in the trailer. Unfortunately the Trailer was the whole movie and showed all the good parts. It’s basically the story of a single mother and her daughter who basically have their roles reversed and the daughter is actually taking care of and raising the mother who basically turns out to be a whore who loves being walked all over by men. Then the daughter finally has had enough and wants to be an “Adult” and finish her coming of age story. Eva Mendes is ok but the movie is really carried by the daughter Cierra Ramierz and her bestfriend Raini Rodriguez. The rest of the cast is funny and goes along with the movie extremely well but overall it’s Eva Mendes that makes this movie fall flat. Skip it and wait for it on Netflix.

On a side note this was put on as a Religious screening but in no way does this movie have any religious undertones whatsoever. The Studio Rep from Pantelion used this screening as her own personal agenda and basically said that any other movie that has been put out by Pantelion or Lionsgate is basically the devil and shouldn’t be watched. And that this movie can change the world because god says so.


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