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The Avengers

April 15, 2012

I got up at 530am to see a screening of The Avengers and after 2 hours of sleep I saw the best comic book movies ever made. Joss Whedon is a pure genius when it comes to putting together that is very dear to every nerds heart. It would seem unbelievble hard to combine the storylines for the movies leading up to The Avengers but Joss Whedon was able to create a very easy transition into a main storyline. Combining a main carryover from Thor they were able to then throw in a newly thawed out but bored Captain America and a Narcissistic playboy who only thinks about himself in Tony Stark/Iron Man and then throw in a brand new version of Hulk and give them support from Hawkeye and Black Widow. Samuel L Jackson is given an even bigger role as Nick Fury and does it awesomely and helps to fill in gaps in the storyline. Combine these all with the amazing action scenes and you have yourself a hell of a movie which just might be the best comic book movie ever made. You need to see it for yourself to understand the storyline with the villian Loki and his army and how they plan to continue this Marvel Universe and it’s movies. Go see it. Even if you don’t like comic books you will enjoy this movie as it’s a badass ride for 2 and a half hours. You almost feel the movie should be longer because you don’t want it to end.


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