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The Cabin in the Woods

April 10, 2012

I went to see Cabin in the Woods last night. This was a special screening put on by slash films and that had a Q&A afterward with one of the stars of the film Kristen Connolly. This film was put on the shelf for 3 years by MGM due to money problems and finally Lionsgate bought the rights to it which is a very good thing because this movie is bloody awesome and worth every penny. Right when this movie starts you can tell it has Joss Whedons touch and I think this is the best thing that he has written or directing in his career. I cannot explain this movie but I will do my best as finally there is something new in Hollywood and don’t just some recycled piece of crap. Think of The Running Man as a horror movie with a bit more humor. Then take your favorite nightmares or horror movie characters and bring them to life and throw them into the movie. What you get is something extremely original and just plain awesome and fun to watch. I think I have already given away too much because you really need to go see this movie for yourself. I highly recommend this movie. Go watch it. I still can’t believe it took them 3 years to release.


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