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April 6, 2012

I had the great opportunity of seeing a screening of Bully yesterday. Usually I don’t go see documentaries but this one makes you think and brings back alot of childhood memories. I was bullied as a kid and it was bad and nobody likes to to admit there is a tremendous amount of bullying in school from Elementary through High School. Bully shows what’s wrong with our schools and society in general without pulling any punches. It follows around a few individuals from different parts of the country who are bullied and shows their reactions and how they are dealing with it. It also unfortunately has to show some parents whos kids were bullied enough and who took their own lives because it was unbearable to go through both mentally and physically. And then it shows the reaction from school principals and school districts who try and deal with it by completely ignoring the fact that any bullying exists in the first place and playing politician and nodding their heads when parents come around to complain. But the best of all it shows how people can bring change one person at a time and unite us all to keep that change going. Go see this movie. Take your kids to go see this movie. Tell everyone in your school to go see this movie. I was glad to see the MPAA change the rating to PG-13. This movie can help bring more change.


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