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April 3, 2012

Every now and then I will go see an Indie movie. Most of these are the ones that get nominated for an Oscar. Every now and then I get to see one that I know will become a Cult Classic. Goon is just that movie. Movies about hockey are far and few between but the few that have been released have all become Cult Classics. The 70’s had Slapshot, The 80’s had Youngblood, The 90’s had Mystery, Alaska and Miracle rounding out the last decade. But Goon is my generations Slapshot. It’s a down to heart, crude, funny, raunchy, and downright awesome movie about a hockey fighters sudden rise. I know Jay Baruchel best known Knocked up, Tropic Thunder, and She’s out of my league grew up a big hockey fan in Ottawa wrote this classic and was able to do so amazingly which was brought to light by the direction of Micheal Dowse who has had some classic movies with Fubar and Fubar: Balls to the wall. This movie has made it’s way through film festivals throughout Canada and the northern US so it was my surprise that they brought this to San Diego for a screening. I had watched this a couple weeks ago on my laptop and loved it. But seeing it on the Big Screen made it even better. Although when you have a free movie everyone will come which made it even better when not even 10 minutes into the movie atleast 15 people had gotten up and walked out due to the somewhat violent and rauchyness of the movie. This movie takes some of the aspects of Slapshot and Youngblood and makes it into it’s own and follows the rise of a bouncer turned Hockey Goon. The whole cast is amazing and connects so well with each other with all the banter and one liners that are spewed throughout the movie. If you love hockey you will fall in love with this movie. Go see this movie and help it become the Cult Classic and success that it deserves to be.


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