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Wrath of the Titans

March 29, 2012

I went to a screening of Wrath of the Titans yesterday.  I didn’t care for Clash of the Titans as it seemed somewhat boring with only really one big action scene and then dragged on. Wrath of the Titans needed to establish itself on it’s own and not let the stigma of the first movie bring it down. It did that and more and was a much better movie than Clash. Overall it’s not that great but it is a watchable sequel with a better storyline and a bit more action. The one thing that was welcomed was some comic relief which the first one had none of which helped make it completely boring. Toby Kebbell who plays the demigod son of Poseidon and Bill Nighy who plays the god Hephaestus bring in that much needed sidekick/comic relief to keep the movie from falling into the unwatchable abyss. The story basically began with it trying to distance itself from Clash saying it was long ago and Perseus had gone through much more since then by getting married and having a child but also losing his wife. It was pushed in order to get the audience to think about what was gonna happen and not what happened in the original. For just being an action movie that was a little under an hour and forty minutes the story was fast along with the action and kept you in it but there are a few scenes that will make you shake your head but not enough to be like Clash. It’s worth seeing even if you didn’t like the first one as it will give a good action story. And no these two films aren’t the most accurate with greek mythology but it doesn’t matter as it’s a blockbuster action movie that is here for our entertainment.


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