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Hunger Games

March 22, 2012

Tonight I went an saw Hunger Games. Besides the fact that the books and this movie is a complete ripoff of the Japanese Battle Royale movies I will give you an honest review. It’s always hard to put together a series of movies based off books but as long as they honor the books and the writer they usually do fine and succeed and be atleast watchable as is the case of Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and not in the case of Twilight. The Hunger Games books are somewhat bloody and violent and in order to convert it be able to attract an audience you have to tone it down which they were able to do as there are 12 year olds who get killed in the book and very bloody ways. You don’t need to read the books the understand this movie as it’s explained very well as the story line goes and begins to show a world where everything is a fight to survive. Unfortunately after the first hour the story line is a little rushed but it’s given a push with the action an Romeo and Juliet style love story that develops within the hunger games. Overall this movie is just an Americanized version of Battle Royale but it’s not all bad and does hold it’s own. Go see it and judge for yourself or even try reading the books before watching as it will give you an understanding of how it was toned down a little bit but If you truly wanna see where this movie and series comes from go and rent, download, or stream the Battle Royale movies but I do warn you they are a bit graphic.


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