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Mirror, Mirror

March 19, 2012

Tonight I went to a screening of a classic fairy tail titled Mirror, Mirror. It was a good effort for a new take on an old fairy tail but I think it falls flat when trying to push this new story towards children as it would confuse them if they had seen or read anything before on Snow White. If anything was really geared toward the children in this movie it was the Dwarves as they were the most entertaining and funny parts of the movie. The rest of the cast seems misplaced and the dialogue doesn’t fit that of a fairy tail and will also make a  younger child disinterested in this story very fast. Julia Roberts doesn’t pull off the role as an Evil Queen and gives a half-harted effort in the acting department. Overall it seems this movie was rushed to get out because there is another version of snow white coming out later this summer and has alot more push behind it. To me this was ok and I wouldn’t pay to see this in a theater but if you have a kid between the ages of 11 and 14 they would be more interested in seeing this as it’s geared toward them. They spent alot of money making this movie as the CGI was very good, unfortunately I don’t think this will do very good at the Box Office.


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