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Casa de mi Padre

March 16, 2012

I had the absolute pleasure of watching Casa de mi Padre tonight. Every now and then Will Ferrell will star in a movie that is so unbelievebly bad and ridiculous that it’s so awesome and becomes an instant classic. The only thing I can compare this movie would be the skits he does on Funny or Die and mix it with the ridiculous of Anchorman, Night at the roxbury, Old School, and Elf. It’s filmed like it’s using special effects from the 70’s which makes the movie so much greater and the acting is just stupid funny. If you like anything from Will Ferrell you will love this movie and want to see it over and over again. It’s not for everyone so don’t expect to be instantly entertained as it’s geared toward Will Ferrell fans and the characters he has played in his film career and when he was on SNL.


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