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Jeff, Who lives at Home

March 13, 2012

Tonight I went and saw Jeff, Who Lives At Home. I really enjoyed this dark dry comedy. It’s a combination of dysfunctional family mixed with the misadventures of a stoner. Jason Segal, Ed Helms, and Susan Sarandon are at their best and work very well together. Segal plays an out of touch 30 year old stoner who still lives in his basement and has watched the movie Signs one too many times and takes the meanings on the movie to a whole other level and mixes Helms into his Signs who is going through some midlife problems of his own. Meanwhile Sarandon is going through her own crisis that somehow ends up mixing with the adventures of her two sons. This movie is short but sweet and gets the story going right away, so if you like a bit of dry and dark humor mixed with some hilarious one liners than this movie is up your ally but I think the story is just about right for everyone and most people will walk out enjoying this film. Two Thumbs Up.


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