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Silent House

March 6, 2012

Last night I went to see a screening of Silent House, I had watched the original which was called La Case Muda or The Silent House. The only thing this had to do with the original was in name only. There are movies were people come out of the theater saying they absolutely hated it or loved it but the majority of this screening audience came out hating this movie. This movie tries to be a Psychological Thriller but it fails miserably. The movie is way to slow to even be a thriller but it does manage to give you one or two jumps but you’re just gonna end up laughing because you see how pathetic and weak the story is. You gotta give them credit to the way they filmed it which is Sort of a third person view/Out of body experience. I am guessing they tried that to make it scarier that too also failed. Elisabeth Olsen is a good actor but this was just the wrong movie for her. And the only thing I kept thinking near the end of this movie was how I could get that 88 minutes of my life back. Skip this movie. It is beyond horrible and you will not enjoy it at all


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  1. Nolan34 permalink

    olsen is a good “actress” not “actor”.

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