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John Carter of Mars

March 1, 2012

Tonight I went to a screening of John Carter of Mars. From the looks of the trailers I thought this was gonna be Disney’s first effort into sci-fi. I didn’t read the book so I went into this movie knowing nothing about it or the story. From the Trailer I got the impression he got sent to Mars accidently and found out he had to save Earth by saving Mars. The movie starts out fast and the story is a bit rushed to explain Carter himself and the new planet he is transported too which is kind of odd considering the movie is over 2 hours long. It will be hard to follow at first but by the end of the movie you should understand. The whole movie feels like a sci-fi western with bits and pieces of Star Wars, Avatar, and Indiana Jones thrown in the mix. The CGI is amazing with the alien characters extremely well done. Also well done are the animals in this movie and they animators did a hell of a job combining animals that you can recognize and see the different characteristics of. With every Disney movie there is some comic relief and it’s not any different with this movie but it’s used tastefully and adds to the story. With a PG-13 rating this movie is not geared toward kids like a typical Disney movie. But it will draw in a larger audience from genres.  Overall the movie is extremely well done although the story is a bit rushed and alot of people will say it’s trying to rip off Avatar and Star Wars but it has it’s own unique twist and I could definitely see this ending up as a trilogy. Go see this movie and I know you will enjoy it.


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